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Roger A. Grimes

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Roger A. Grimes, Data-Driven Defense Evangelist for KnowBe4, Inc., is a 30-year computer security consultant, instructor, holder of dozens of computer certifications, and author of 11 books and over 1,000 magazine articles on computer security. He has spoken at many of the world’s biggest computer security conferences, been in Newsweek™ magazine, appeared on television, been interviewed for NPR’s All Things Considered™, the Wall Street Journal, and been a guest on dozens of radio shows and podcasts. He has worked at some of the world’s largest computer security companies, including Foundstone, McAfee, and Microsoft. He has consulted for hundreds of companies, from the largest to the smallest, around the world. He specializes in host and network security, identity management, anti-malware, hackers, honeypots, Public Key Infrastructure, cloud security, cryptography, policy, and technical writing. His certifications have included CPA, CISSP, CISA, CISM, CEH, MSCE: Security, Security+, and others, and he has been an instructor for many of them. His writings and presentations are often known for their real-world, contrarian views.


He has been the weekly security columnist for InfoWorld and CSO magazines since 2005. He has worked at some of the world’s largest computer security companies, including, Foundstone, McAfee and Microsoft. Roger is a Principal Security Architect at Microsoft, and works with Microsoft Windows, Linux, and BSD. Roger is frequently interviewed and quoted in the media, including Newsweek, NPR and WSJ. His presentations are fast-paced and filled with useful facts and recommendations.




Twitter: @rogeragrimes


Author’s other books on Amazon:

Dr. Shiloh Catanese

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Dr. Shiloh is the co-host and co-creator of the true crime & forensic psychology podcast, L.A. Not So Confidential, where she brings her subject matter expertise to the masses by applying psychological concepts to true crime cases with her best friend and fellow forensic psychologist, Dr. Scott. Dr. Shiloh is a licensed forensic psychologist and holds a Doctorate and Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology from Alliant International University, Los Angeles.  She is currently employed as a police psychologist for a large law enforcement agency in Southern California. Her job duties involve providing clinical services to law enforcement officers, developing and providing training for the agency on matters related to mental wellness, case-specific consultation and crisis negotiation. The vast majority of Dr. Shiloh’s professional experience is in working with sexual offenders.  She spent over 10 years conducting intake assessments, group treatment, and individual treatment with individuals convicted of sexual offenses, including Sexually Violent Predators. Her forensic psychology experience also includes substance abuse treatment, dual diagnosis, neuropsychology and facilitating support groups for individuals going through the legal system.


Dr. Shiloh owns a private practice and specializes in treating clients who have been convicted of a sexual offense and who are anticipating incarceration.  Additionally, she works with family members of prisoners to adjust to life without their loved one. She has also taught at the graduate level, consulted with law enforcement agencies and conducted training for law enforcement throughout the country. She also publishes and presents nationally and internationally on forensic psychology related matters.

Dr. Scott Musgrove

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Dr. Scott is licensed in the state of California as both a Clinical Psychologist and a Marriage and Family Therapist. Prior to his current position in a forensic capacity with law enforcement in Los Angeles County, Dr. Scott worked as a Law Enforcement Psychologist, a Clinical Psychologist at the Los Angeles County Jail and in the California Department of Corrections. Dr. Scott has specialized education in family forensics, evaluating and treating sex offenders, crisis intervention training, family therapy, anxiety disorders and identity development. He provides psycho-education to law enforcement officers and mental health clinicians as part of Mental Health Intervention Training that seeks to de-stigmatize mental illness as well as reduce the risk of crisis escalation in the community.


 Dr. Scott previously worked in various aspects of the entertainment industry including casting, entertainment management, and production. Dr. Musgrove holds a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Santa Barbara, a Masters’ Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles and a dual major BA from Birmingham – Southern College. Dr. Scott is the co-host of a forensic psychology and true crime podcast entitled “LA NOT SO CONFIDENTIAL” that explores the nexus between psychopathy and true crime. He has appeared as a guest on the Ron Burgundy Podcast for iHeart Radio, Channel Q’s “Let’s Go There with Shira and Ryan” and KABC Radio’s “Engaging Minds with Dr. G.”

Kathy Waters

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Kathy Waters is a full time Operations Coordinator for a well-known medical provider located within the United States.  Kathy graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a Bachelors of Science in Human Services.  In her free time, Kathy is a dedicated advocate for identity theft victims and scammed survivors of romance scams upon social media platforms. Accruing over 3500 volunteer hours to victim support, Kathy, alongside her partner in this cause Col. Bryan Denny (Ret.), have assembled with, and provided their knowledge and awareness to Congressional Departments, and other government agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission, the United States Pentagon, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Both Kathy and Bryan have also presented multiple research studies and reports to Facebook Inc., followed by sit down meetings with members of their team on behalf of Facebook’s platform’s safety and security. As of today, Kathy and Bryan are encouraging a change to Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act, and have engaged with several legislative staff on the issue. You can find more of her, and Bryan’s advocacy work, Advocating Against Romance Scammers, at Kathy currently resides in California with her husband and two beautiful children.

Elina Juusola

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Elina Juusola is a researcher, author, speaker and professional anti-scamming activist who currently resides in Finland, after living in Australia for 25 years. She is an avid advocate for the victims of fraud, especially the victims of romance scams having experienced a romance scam herself. She is constantly looking for ways to help other victims by finding their own creative ways to move on from the trauma. Elina recovered by writing about her experiences and sharing her story on library tours around Australia and Europe. She feels that the most important avenue to educate others about fraud and enable them to move beyond the hurt is to spread the word about how to manage their social media. Elina is a proud grandmother of six children and is determined to help future generations become more aware of these issues and be open to helping others overcome trauma and hurt in their lives. 


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